Gambling & Women – A Good Mix

Historically, the world of tough gambling was gloomy, dirty, smoky, full of alpha males and high alcohol levels – the thrill in all major gambling games was only granted to men in public. This was made possible by the strict gender segregation and legal prohibitions over most of the epochs of human history. Yes, the tender sex was not even certified as having a desire for such exciting pleasure.

That the ladies could refute this view well, if they were given the opportunity, they proved, for example, at the Bona Dea – the women’s festival in ancient Rome. Perhaps the Romans had a guilty conscience and for a long time they only allowed their wives that one day a year when they were allowed to play in public. Emperor Nero, on the other hand, promoted competition for everyone 2,000 years ago. But like himself, this open attitude did not last long. Even up to the modern age it was not at all virtuous for women and it was only played in secret and certainly not in public. However, many stories about very successful female players have survived. In America’s Wild West, there were even tough women whom the men in poker couldn’t hold a candle to. Poker Alice was certainly the most famous poker lady. But until the late 20th century it was still frowned upon when women who thought something of themselves indulged in gambling in public. Fortunately, times are changing and it turns out these days women and gambling are a pretty good mix. Thanks go to the computer age, which turned everything upside down – today every adult can play to their heart’s content in online casinos.

Women of course like to play games of chance just as much as men and are just as good at it. However, according to studies, women have a completely different approach. The secret of their success is that most women are less ambitious at gaming compared to men. Sounds stereotypical, but it has a lot to offer and the bottom line is that it definitely has an impact on your gaming success. Women play by far not as risky and are therefore under less pressure than male gamblers. Men have great confidence in their ability and back it up by confidently playing high stakes. It is said that women have more of an understanding of what the deeper meaning of gambling means – namely nothing but pure luck – and therefore only bet as much as they are willing to lose as much as possible.

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