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Gambling & Women – a good mix

Historically, the world of tough gambling was gloomy, dirty, smoky, full of alpha males and high alcohol levels – the thrill in all major gambling games was only granted to men in public. This was made possible by the strict gender segregation and legal prohibitions over most of the epochs of human history. Yes, the tender sex was not even certified as having a desire for such exciting pleasure.

That the ladies could refute this view well, if they were given the opportunity, they proved, for example, at the Bona Dea – the women’s festival in ancient Rome. Perhaps the Romans had a guilty conscience and for a long time they only allowed their wives that one day a year when they were allowed to play in public. Emperor Nero, on the other hand, promoted competition for everyone 2,000 years ago. But like himself, this open attitude did not last long. Even up to the modern age it was not at all virtuous for women and it was only played in secret and certainly not in public. However, many stories about very successful female players have survived. In America’s Wild West, there were even tough women whom the men in poker couldn’t hold a candle to. Poker Alice was certainly the most famous poker lady. But until the late 20th century it was still frowned upon when women who thought something of themselves indulged in gambling in public. Fortunately, times are changing and it turns out these days women and gambling are a pretty good mix. Thanks go to the computer age, which turned everything upside down – today every adult can play to their heart’s content in online casinos.

Women of course like to play games of chance just as much as men and are just as good at it. However, according to studies, women have a completely different approach. The secret of their success is that most women are less ambitious at gaming compared to men. Sounds stereotypical, but it has a lot to offer and the bottom line is that it definitely has an impact on your gaming success. Women play by far not as risky and are therefore under less pressure than male gamblers. Men have great confidence in their ability and back it up by confidently playing high stakes. It is said that women have more of an understanding of what the deeper meaning of gambling means – namely nothing but pure luck – and therefore only bet as much as they are willing to lose as much as possible.…

Pop Culture, Poker & Gambling

The late 1970s had a whole range of musical styles to offer, and gambling was a direct or indirect theme again and again. From the mid-70s until today, just as many great hits have been produced as in the 50 years before that.

In 1975, and unusual for the time, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band fell back into real blues tones with their nice title Gamblin ‘Bar Room Blues . It’s less about gambling, but the song title and the singing alone gave reasons for a place on our list. In the same year Tom T. Hall sang Deal in the classic country style and Chris de Burgh sang the game of poker with the devil with his Spanish train and the unforgettable lines of text: “Joker is the name, poker is the game. We’ll play right here on this bed. And then we’ll bet for the biggest stakes yet. The souls of the dead. ” Bob Dylan then went more lively with his folk rock song Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. “Backstage the girls were playin ‘five-card stud by the stairs. Lily had two queens, she was hopin ‘for a third to match her pair ”sang Dylan. As early as 1974, country icon Dolly Parton wrote and sang Kentucky Gambler , which Merle Haggard sang quite well and then released in 1975. The Little River Band landed a real evergreen with Lonesome Loser . The lonely loser who is beaten again and again by the Queen of Hearts goes the rousing chorus.

Wishbone Ash wrote another beautiful title in 1977 – in Diamond Jack they sang: “You have cast you dice, take your chances at they come, one by one.” Then in 1978 AC / DC rocked the stage with Sin City and Bob Seger took it easy in his ballad Still the Same about a successful gambler. Kenny Rogers also gave good advice in the same year with his unmistakable voice when he sang the title song of the movie of the same name The Gambler and sang: “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away , and know when to run “. Kenny Rogers landed an absolute top hit that is still wonderful to listen to today. Also the band, which was extraordinarily modern at the time Emerson, Lake & Palmer produced a title of the same name in their very own singing and electronic music style. “Mama, give me another ace!” And “Oh Lord, have mercy, give what wheel a spin” are just two examples of this great title. It was about a card fraudster when the band The Clash sang The Card Cheat the following year : “With a card up his sleeve, what would he achieve?” The dealer smells the roast and the band sings “The gambler is seized and forced to his knees and shot dead. “

1980 On The Nickel sung in a smoky voice by Tom Waits, who sings about “a place where a royal flush can never beat a pair”. For the band Motörhead, too, the gambling theme gave reason to write a song. There is the famous Speed ​​Metal version of the song Ace of Spades and one, maybe even better, in a Slow Acoustic version .

Kim Carnes also had a song about the card game in 1981 with Draw of the Cards in the 1980s musical style “Red black or white. Watch ’em fall. And it’s all in the draw of the cards “. Then, as already mentioned, Juice Newton climbed the charts worldwide with her country hit Queen of Hearts . In the following years, many artists dealt with the topic of gambling. Laura Branigan sang Solitaire in 1983, and in 1984 even Die Toten Hosen incorporated the theme with full roar into their rock song Liebesspieler . With Bon Jovi, somebody finally sang something about the elegant casino game roulette in the same year and the young Madonna also landed with Gambler a passable chart hit and sang “Cause I’m a gambler, I only play the game my way, yeah”. Stacey Q did the same with her Two of Hearts title . Love and the two of hearts, that’s not the point here, but still very audible.

Not much new happened on the subject until 1988, only Kenny Rogers with The Gambler was still everywhere along with all the other catchy tunes. Van Morrison dared to do something completely different in 1988 with his ballad Ragland Road based on a poem from 1949, which later also performed by artists such as Sinead O’Connor , Mark Knopfler , Ed Sheeran , Pat Byrne and Billy Bragg . In gambling metaphors it says: “The Queen of Hearts still bakes tarts (and turns women into sluts) and I’m not exaggerating. Oh, I loved too much and so, yes, happiness is thrown away ”. George Strait then took things a little faster again in 1989Ace in the Hole im Country Stil – Ratschlägewie „Life is a gamble, you’ve got to learn to play your cards right, if you want to do it right in life“. Danachfolgte der relativunbekannte Ace Frehley’sklassischem Heavy Metal Stück Five Card Stud. „At the tables you’ll find me. A stack of chips by my side. Poker Gin or 21. A wining hand is my pride“. Der Titeldecktallesrund ums Glückspiel ab.

The Cocteau Twins sang about Heaven or Las Vegas in 1990 and old master Bob Dylan took up the subject again in 1991 with Rambling, Gambling Willie . Really funny text: “Come around you rovin ‘gamblers and a story I will tell. About the greatest gambler, you all should know him well. His name was Will O ‘Conley and he gambled all his life. He had twenty-seven children, yet he never had a wife “. Country legend Garth Brooks landed a big hit with Two of a Kind, Workin ‘on a Full House and sings: “Yeah, she’s my lady luck. Hey, I’m her wild card man ”. Bruce Springsteen then sang about the dice in Roll of the Dice in 1992 and in 1993 Sting wrote and sang the appealing film music for LEON –Shape of my Heart about a poker player who doesn’t care whether he wins or loses. In 1994 there was a great piece of country music by Clint Black for the hugely successful film Maverick A Good Rund of Bad Luck . The lyrics are about the fast game of craps. The rock band Aerosmith hid a lot of poker jargon in their rocking love song Deuces are Wild in 1994.

Which Online Casino Games Suit Me?

Anyone who is familiar with casino games for the first time is faced with the question: What should I actually be playing? Of course, that mainly depends on what excites you, how much money you have available and how much time you want to invest in it. But what is even more interesting: the choice of casino game has a lot to do with your own personalityAnd whoever thinks about it, can conclude that a relatively calm, cautious person, for example, is unlikely to feel comfortable in a fast and exciting casino game. Or, for those who find it difficult to make quick decisions under pressure, many other casino games will be out of the question for them. Likewise, it can be said that an assertive personality is more likely to get bored with roulette or bingo. For those who generally just find it difficult to make a decision, the classic “try out over study” principle also applies, of course. But another good approach is to choose a casino game that perfectly matches your personality. We will therefore shed light on the different possibilities based on the different personality types

Personality type 1: calm, shy, reserved and introverted:

This type of person will probably feel more comfortable with quieter online casino games. There is a huge selection of suitable games for him: slot games, online bingo , video poker or even roulette . The game play in these casino games is very calm, you play against yourself or a computer and at your own pace. The rules of the game are easy to learn and players do not have to be considered tactically. The online casino game can be tried out at your leisure and mistakes only affect your own game. The Mini Baccarat is also very nice for such personality types- Bet is either on the bank or the player’s hand. Video poker requires a little more knowledge of the game, but is otherwise very simple. But when this personality type has a sharp mind, there are a lot more possibilities open to them. This includes the whole range of poker variants but also blackjack, classic baccarat and online craps.

Personality type 2: extroverted, assertive & courageous:

practically all doors are open to such a type, only the quieter games like slots, bingo or roulette will probably bore him. Online craps is sure to suit all those who have no faint nerves – whether in the online or live version. Poker may not be as suitable for this personality type if they are too extroverted.

Personality type 3: willing to take risks, speculative, gambler type :

With such a personality type you have several options in the online casino. Craps with its special bets are very suitable here. And also all games that promise big winnings with a small stake. Roulette is certainly one of them, but also Black Jack and one or the other poker variant.…